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Vibrant POS is pleased to announce that we now offer the most advanced integrated Online / Mobile app ordering system from Online Orders Now. Online / Mobile App ordering allows your customers the convenience of placing their orders directly into your POS from their PC or Smartphone. Online Ordering tickets are consistently 20-40% higher than in house or phone orders largely due to the customer's ability to browse the menu at their leisure. Since the customer builds the order themselves, accuracy is greatly improved.

Online Orders Now offers the most advanced features available:

Mobile Apps



Restaurant Mobile Apps available for Android & iPhones 
Your restaurant name or logo will appear as a Mobile App in the Androidmarket place & iPhone, iTunes Store. This allows your customers a free download of your customized Restaurant App to their phone for access to your menu in a mobile format. This also allows you to offer specials to all customers who download your app and show it to your employees whether

it be dine in, pick up, or delivery, to increase revenues.

(Available for additional cost.)


Highlighted Features


POS Integration:
We are fully integrated with Aldelo POS systems. This means when a customer places an order it will appear and print exactly as if it was entered in the restaurant.

Windows Based POS Printer Integrated:
Our LITE software is POS printer integrated or with any Windows base PC. This means orders will print exactly the same as our integrated software, although the ticket will have to be placed into the POS before end of day for record keeping. This option has lower upfront cost. 

Instant Website:
This option is for restaurants that do not have a website We build your logo home page with up to a full page of text and pictures and all your menu links. We just need your domain name. (Additional cost)

Party Platter (Catering) Menu:
We will build and host your catering menu on a separate link so customers can order separately from the regular online menu. (Additional cost)


Complete Menu building:
We pull the data from your POS then edit it to match your printed menu. Your online menu will have the same theme, as the rest of your website. You can also include pictures for all menu items.


Customers can choose which toppings to include (up to 70 per item) or remove so they always get exactly what they want.


Coupons, Discounts and Packages: 
We can accommodate almost every coupon or package deal imaginable. Just provide your monthly specials and we will program them for you. There is no extra charge. Only one coupon or discount will be allowed per order unless you specifically request otherwise.


Deferred Ordering: 
Your customer's can place an order now for pick up or delivery later. An advance order will be sent to you by Fax. Call customer to confirm order and confirm cash order or collect the CC payment at the time the order needs to be processed.  This system prevents the kitchen from making orders by mistake, ensures accounting accuracy and 24/7 online ordering. Customers desired order time must be during normal business hours.


Our super precise delivery mapping allows you to distinctly determine where your delivery boundaries are. The system automatically matches customers to the right location. Customers who are not within a delivery area can choose “take out” from any location. 


Marketing information: 
We collect every street and email address so you can take full advantage with your marketing efforts. The customer data is also pushed to your POS with every order.


Cell Phone Marketing:
Every customer has the opportunity to “opt-in” and receive special offers via text messages on their cell phone. This allows you to push real time specials and boost sales during slow periods.


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